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Hey all. After going through countless emails that I haven’t been able to keep up with I’ve decided the best place for all of us to get some help would probably be a Facebook page. So we made one! Check It Out Below!

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Hello all,

Thank you guys for using the site. It seems that a small project for me has actually turned out to be a helpful resource for people and that is exactly the original idea and it makes me happy to be helpful. I don’t have ads, or tracking, or anything that monetizes the traffic here and I will always keep it that way. I want this to be a hassle free experience where you get clear navigation, detailed instructions and photos.

I would like to continue to add content to the site but I often don’t have the time. If there is anyone who would like to volunteer to moderate the site in the form of content creation, news posting, community interaction(website & instagram), acquiring sponsors or other goings on, please feel free to send me a an email detailing your experience and how you would like to help.

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It’s been a long time since we’ve posted anything but the site is alive and well! People are using the site every day and thats exactly what we wanted when we started. We’d like to expand our reach and we ask that you check us out on Facebook and Instagram and the links below. Give us a like if you would! Thanks everyone!



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So I’ve been lurking here for years sucking up info, so I figured it’s time to give something back.

For those of you who like these kind of DIY write up threads here you go.

Using this wiring diagram as a guide, I started splicing away!

First made a little bracket to mount the controller and have a reference of the connector lengths. I didn’t take any pics of the routing under the dash but went through an unused relay spot then up through the hole in the ECU box.

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