B5 – Brake Pad Replacement

  B5, DIY

Below are the steps I use when swapping out brake pads on my stock brake set up on my 2001.5 B5 S4.

1. Jack up front wheel at appropriate jacking point. If you’re doing the driver’s side wheel, cut the steering wheel hard to the right to better expose the caliper (not yet done in pic below):

2. Remove wheel. I always put the wheel under the car, beside the jack, once it’s off as an added safety measure. Jack stands work well too.

3. Stock front brake set-up

4. Take pliers and squeeze here to un-hook clamp

5. Hook coming out of hole when squeezing

6. Unhook both top and bottom clamps

7. Swing it open to reveal 4 pads (2 top, 2 bottom, on each side of the rotor)

8. Use screw driver in little pry spot (you’ll see a groove) back and forth to compress the piston to enable you to remove the pad

9. Do the same thing on the bottom part

10. Shimmy out the pad, and put the new one in. Notice 2 pads have 2 “bumps”; the other 2 pads have 1 “bump” on them. The 1-bumps go on the front of the rotor, the 2-bumps go behind the rotor.

11. Shimmy out the rear 2 bumper. If you have STOCK pads, you will have to unhook a sensor before removing this.

12. Do the same thing with the bottom 2 pads. The top of the pad will sit flush with the edge of the rotor, pretty much

13. If you’re not using stock pads, you can short out the sensor and cover it with tape and use a zip tie to hold it out of the way.

14. Example of little wire I use to short the sensor when not using stock pads.

15. You can tuck the sensor wire under the little hook before closing the main clamp. Notice the “tops” of the pads sit flush with the edge of the rotor

16. Reconnect sensor (if stock pads) and wedge it back into its little holder/clip.

17. Swing the clamp shut, use pliers on the top and bottom to squeeze the hooks back in the holes…and Viola!

18. For reference: 2 bumps (back of rotor), 1 bump (front of rotor). These are Hawk HPS pads that I removed and put in OEM pads:


(Original: http://www.audiworld.com/tech/wheel39.shtml)  – By Morgan Evans


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