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How to Remove Audi S4 Headliner


Remove all 4 “Oh S***” handles. They are attached with two torx bit screws. Flip the cover down that covers the screw and take them out.

This picture shows the cover over the torx screw: (I had already removed the handle, this is just for demonstration purposes)

Here is the cover flipped down exposing the screw:

Next remove the “A” and “C” (?) pillars in the front and back. They are held in by one torx screw and are also snapped into place. Remove the black Airbag cover on each of the pillars.

Use a flathead screwdriver and simply pry the cover off. Once it is off you will see the torx screw. Remove the screw:

Here is the back of the pillar once you remove it. You can see the black clips in the middle. It does take some force to get the pillars to come off, but keep working at it and gently pry them off. If you use too much force you risk bending/breaking the pillars. They are made out of a material that is similar to the headliner and tends to bend easily. So be CAREFUL!

Here are pictures of the pillars removed:

Next remove the sun visors. They are attached with a Phillips head screw: Remove the screw: (you can’t see it in this picture because I had already removed it)

Once you remove the screw you should be able to pull down on the visor and it should come out of the whole. The screw holds in a “C” shaped plastic piece that when you pull down you have to slightly angle it to get it to come out. Here is a picture of the piece removed. You can see that part of it is hooked.

Don’t pull down too hard because the visor is still attached by two wires (two on the driver side and one on the passenger side). Once you pull the visor down, unhook the wires. They take a little wiggle, but they should just pull apart.

The next thing to remove are the clips that the visors clip into: (Don’t mind the fact that mine is broken and no longer has the “clip” part)

There is a black cover that you will need to remove in order to expose two screws that hold it in place. Use a flat head screwdriver or something else flat and gently pull the black cover off. Here it is removed:

Now you should be able to get to the two Phillips head screws that hold it in place. Remove those screws: (I only had one in for demonstration purposes, but you get the idea)


ow your task is to remove the assembly that has the reading lights and sunroof switch. There are two parts to the assembly. The clear glass in the front simply prys off. Again, use your trusty flat head screwdriver and pry down on the glass.

Here is the glass removed. You can see the two clips towards the front that hold it in:

Next, remove the black cover piece on the front part of the assembly. To remove it simply pull down gently on it and work around the edges until it comes off. Again, be patient when getting it off because you don’t want to break anything.

There is one wire that attaches the black cover to the rest of the assembly. Disconnect it by gently pulling down on it from where the plug goes into the assembly.

Once that is off, you will see two Phillips head screws on each side of the sunroof switch. Remove those screws.

Once you have the screws removed you should be able to pull the whole assembly down. It is still attached by three different wires so don’t pull down too hard. Here is a picture of the wires that will need to be disconnected:

You will also need to remove the flip down visor that sits behind the sunroof/reading lights assembly. It is attached with one Phillips head screw.

Next remove the two lights on either side of the front that sit underneath the sunvisors. To remove them takes a little prying with a flathead screwdriver. On one side of each of the lights there is a small hook that helps it to stay in place.


Remove the light assembly in the back of the car. It is only pushed in and can be removed with a flat head screw driver and prying down easily on it.

Here it is removed. There is one wire that needs to be removed.

You will also need to get outside the car and remove the black trim from the sunroof. This picture is looking down from the top of the car.

To remove the trim you pry up on it with a little bit of force. It is attached/snapped into clips all around the sunroof. You can see the clip in this picture; it is gold.

Now that you have removed everything holding the headliner up you need to start taking it off the roof. You do not need to remove the middle pillars by the seats to remove the headliner. The headliner may be “stuck” to the roof and need some convincing to come off. Work around the whole headliner gently prying down on it to get it off. It is made of a material that will easily bend/break if you use too much force, so BE CAREFUL. On the back of the headliner there is a slight hook that keeps up in the back.
Once you have gotten it off the roof you will see that there are still wires attached to the headliner. All of the wires are attached with a few clips:

Getting the headliner out of the car is not too terribly difficult. It takes a little maneuvering and wiggling, but be patient because it will come out. To remove the headliner, take both of the headrests off of the front seats. Fold the back seats down and then recline the front seats until they are pushing down on the back seats. You don’t need to jam the front seats down extremely far, but enough to where they are touching the back seat headrests.

Then open the trunk and proceed to pull the headliner out through the back. You will need to squish the sides a very tiny amount but not enough to break the headliner. It will require some pulling but just go easy enough to pull it out without breaking it. You can see that it is a very tight squeeze:

Here is the headliner removed:

Now you are all done. Once you are done replacing/repairing the headliner simply put everything back together in reverse order! Good Luck!


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