B5 – Oil Catch Can Install

  B5, DIY

Materials List:
5/16 Heater Hose
3/8 Heater Hose
5/8 x 1/2 Nylon Reducing Barb Splicer (Pref 5/8 x 3/8 if you can find it!)
Hose clamps just incase
XRP -10AN 45 DEG Push-on Aluminum Hose End P/N 234510
XRP Reducer, Flare -10AN to -6AN Alum P/N 991914
XRP Straight Push-on Aluminum Hose End P/N 230006
PVC Tape
AMW Oil Separator / Catchcan

Installation Procedure:

Tools Needed:
Automatic Center Punch
Side Cutters
Screwdrivers + –
Offset Needle-nose Vise grips
Drill w/Drill bits
1/4″ Socket set
PVC Tape
Regular Tape
Bandaids / Swear words ( A LOT! )

Accessories Needed:
Bypass Hose kit Help! P/N 02253
Hose Clams
Rubber Mouse Pad

Tried my hardest to keep everything as close to OEM as possible.

I traced the bracket for the Catch can and made this template. Use the Automatic Center punch to get dimples in the steel so you know where to drill and helps the drill bit start the hole.

I had to cut the end of this AN fitting to make it shorter because the area its installed in is very tiny.

I cut up a mouse pad to make a rubber spacer. Will help with vibrations.

This is how I had to tighten the bolt. Since the bracket can’t be installed first because of the lip on the top of the firewall it had to be installed as one piece.

Cap off the back of the Manifold as suggested by mjtaylor .. Thanks man!! And cap off the accordion hose as well.. I cut the end off and put a plug on it, follow the red line .. Ignore the circle around the hosed marked “2” that was for a previous post. Just pay attention to what the arrow is indicating.

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  • On the n249 delete you did.. Was the vacuum pump deleted I see u are using the manifold attched to a t and y pieces and it ia looped closed off thebmanilfold nor the pump by power steering. I left that one unhooked that has a small hose going to the n112. My ? Is can u either show me better photos or explain better how you did the delete?

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