B5 – Replacing The Cabin Filter

  B5, DIY

Tools needed:

Ratchet and socket set
Flat and Phillips head screwdriver
Car keys
30mins of time

Park windshield wipers in the 12 o’clock position.

Remove the rubber strip by pulling it towards the front of the car.

Pull the battery firewall cover out towards the front of the car.

Cabin air filter is underneath the windshield plastic cover on the passenger side. Turn the screws and then use the ratchet and remove the bolt in the middle of the picture and pull the cover out towards the front of the car.

There is a drip pan that needs to be pulled out hardly but gently towards the front. Make sure that the wholes on the drip pan are clear from any debris before you put the thing back in.

Pull the old filter out and clean the now exposed cabin filter box with a moist sponge to remove any dust that is in there.

Old filter versus new… yeah it needed replacement.

The part number on the air filter that bought was CU 3955 and was a special order at AutoZone for $19.

Put everything back together in the reverse order and you should be set.



(Original: http://www.audiworld.com/tech/misc36.shtml)  – By Stephan


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