B7 – Mag Mount Licence Plate

  B7, DIY

For those that would like to quickly attach their front plates where for example meter maids are ticket happy (LAX airport springs to mind), here’s the DIY for you.

Get yourself some rare-earth magnets from ebay, or your local rare-earth magnet store! There are many to choose from but I got 1/8″ thick by 1″ diameter. These bad boys are scarey strong and come with little spacers between, if you end up with them in direct contact they are very difficult to get apart again. Smaller ones are fine but keep them thin or the plate will stick out from the bumper.

Remove the licence plate filler panel by removing the four T-20 screws under the botton edge and pulling the bottom forward. It will unhinge from the top and you’re there.

Put your plate face down and duct-tape on some magnets as shown. Use more if you have smaller ones. Don’t put them too close to the top or bottom edge or you won’t fit the mating ones inside the filler panel. The polarity, or way up you place the magnets does not matter, the mating ones will figure it out for themselves!

Give the licence plate a gentle bend so the curve fits the filler panel.

Mark the center of the licence plate at the bottom edge and place the filler panel onto the plate lining up the center mark on the plate with the panel center point. The duct tape over the magnets on the licence plate will protect the panel from scratches. Place mating magnets on the back of the filler panel and they will snap in place right over the ones below, line the plate up to your liking and duct-tape those magnets down.

Now replace the filler panel by inserting the top edge first and then pushing home. Replace the four screws and you’re done!

The plate fits in the cubby in the trunk and you’re ready to tackle those troublesome areas in your state requiring an ugly wrongly shaped front plate.


Source: http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php/316124-DIY-B7-Mag-Mount-Licence-Plate – By GotRS


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