B6/B7 – Starter check (cold start issues)

  B6, B7, DIY

After I have seen a few posts with people having cold start or no start issues in the past and the fact that I had a bad starter that needed to be changed I thought I should share this.

Ok so for those of you who haven’t seen this yet. From time to time the starter or the starter solenoid will go bad. Most of the time you will see this in the cold weather. What can happen is You will attempt to start the car and nothing, the car will power up but not even attempt to start or turn over the starter. Some people have changed ignition switches,clutch switches,batteries and the list goes on. In some cases the starter is good. But how do you know with out testing it.

This is what I did to find out that my starter was bad

Go to the passenger site of the engine bay and find the connectors on the fire wall

Then after you located the connector. Find the pin on the inside

After you have all that located. Get a piece of wire the same Gage as the black wire on the connector. Make sure you have enough wire to reach from the connector to the positive batt terminal. ***note you can jump from the connector pin# 1 or the Black wire going into the connector housing***

NOTE: even with the key turned off you will be able to bump the starter. If the car has power


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