B8 – 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert Installation

  B8, DIY

The installation of your 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert for the B8 Audi A4/S4/RS4 & A5/S5/RS5 is a relatively simple process that will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. This billet aluminum insert is designed to fill the large void in the factory transmission mount, and limit transmission movement without sacrificing ride quality. By filling the void in the factory mount, this insert eliminates the associated slop and ensures that you’re experiencing crisper shifts and a smoother driving experience.

Supplied Parts:

Tools Needed:

  • Hands (Opposable Thumbs Are Optional)
  • 10mm Triple Square Bit
  • Wrench
  • Blue Loctite (Recommended)
  • Ramps, Lift, or Jack & Jackstands

Step 0 – Raise the vehicle securely on jackstands, ramps, or a lift, in order to gain access to the transmission mount. Make sure you have all tools necessary for installation of the transmission mount insert. Give yourself a pep-talk in front of the bathroom mirror, reinforcing the fact that you are an expert enthusiast with a mechanical aptitude second only to Charlie Sheen’s. For good measure, take a selfie while you’re at it.

Step 1 – Locate the transmission mount, and observe the two 10mm triple square bolts in their natural habitat. Be careful to avoid frightening the bolts. It is imperative that the bolts are relaxed and unaware of what is going to happen next.


Step 2Remove the two 10mm triple square bolts from the transmission mount, and remove the small bracket at the bottom. Let the feeling of accomplishment overcome you.


Step 3 – Observe the exposed transmission mount, and take note of the large void in the rubber. That can’t be good for performance, can it? Think of objects you can use to fill the void: old socks, yesterday’s newspaper, that weird quinoa stuff that your wife bought for $20 at Whole Foods, but nobody wants to eat. Panic. Remember that you bought the 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert. Feel better.


Step 4 – Press the shiny new 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert into the void. The orientation of the 034Motorsport logo is not important. Or is it? It’s not, but it might matter to you.


Step 5 – Secure the 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert using the 10mm triple square bolts you removed in Step 2 and torque to 20 Nm. Blue Loctite is recommended. Yes, we provided an anchor link back to Step 2 so that you wouldn’t get lost. We’re nice people like that over here.


Step 6 – Marvel at your work.


Step 7 – Marvel at your work from a different angle.


Step 8 – Lower your vehicle from the ramps, jackstands, or lift. Drive it.

Step 9 – Like the improvement? Leave a review for this part on our website! Want to tell more enthusiasts about this part? Post about it on AudiRevolution, AudiWorld, Audizine, Fourtitude, or QuattroWorld!


Source: https://store.034motorsport.com/blog/diy-installation-instructions-034motorsport-transmission-mount-insert-b8-audi-a4s4rs4-a5s5rs5-q5sq5-034-509-4014/


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