Calling all Quattro Owners Audi of America wants your pictures!


It appears that the mods over at the Audi Subreddit have been talking with Audi of America about an upcoming ad campaign for Quattro. They are asking that users submit their pictures of Quattro owners using the cars AWD system to its ability. If you would like to submit your pictures you can head over to the Official Thread on the Audi Subreddit and post a link to your picture submission. Or you can tag @s4mods on instagram with the hashtag #quattropic and I will forward all the relevant information to the mods over on Reddit. You could win a car package from Audi of America and have your pictures used in official promotions! Awesome right? Lets see what the s4mods community can come up with. Good luck guys and gals!

Trey G

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