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Have you received a new remote that you want to program to your car but find out that THIS (http://www.ross-tech.com/vag-com/car…-matching.html) didn’t help you out much?

Remote Matching

For this procedure, you must have
2) A laser cut key (just one is “needed”)
3) Up to 4 compatable remotes to program

Procedure for matching remote controls to most VW & Audi vehicles:

Under “Select Control Module”


“46 – Cent. Conv.” or “35 – Cent. Locking” (depending on year and make/model)

“Adaptation – 10”

First enter channel “00” as this will set all settings back to factory.

Enter channel “01” (Again “21 depending on make/model).


This is supposed to display the number of currently stored remotes in “Stored Value”. But a lot of people actually get 0. Like I did…

According to ross-tech, this is what you must do next which is the part that messes everyone up – “Enter your total number of keys up to a maximum of 4 (including any existing keys) in ‘New Value.'” Do not do that. Instead, for your first remote just put in a one.


Verify that the number in “Test Value” is the one you entered.

Now this is another place that ross-tech tells you to do something that doesn’t work… They tell you to hit the “Save” button, but what are you saving? Absolutly nothing!! Notice up at the top it should say something along the lines of “Key Adaptation.” If it says this, you have 15 seconds to push the unlock button on your remote (hold for two seconds) or until it says “Key learned.” NOW is where you hit save.


It should now ask if you are sure you want to save. Of course you do.

The procedure also says right about now that the car will give you some kind of sign that the remote was learned such as a (lights flash, horn beep, etc.) but as long as the VAGCOM said “learned” it will be fine.

But for remote number two pretty much follow the same above for number one. Now you actually have to put in 2 for test value, 3 in test value for the third and 4 for the fourth. I hope this makes scence. It seems like it will overwrite the last remote but it does not…

Also, here is some helpful info for your programming… In order to find if your remote works with your car and you can use it, go to “Measuring Block” 006 – Go! and look at field 2… There should be four bits in this field (all 0000)… Hit a button on your remote, one of the bits should now change to a 1 depending on the button you hit! I don’t know what measuring block it will be for the other cars… This procedure works 100% on my 2000 Audi TT and 2001 Audi A4. Will be testing others soon!!



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