Review: B6/B7 S4/A4 Weighted Shift Knob

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There are a few shift knobs on the market that seem to be a go to for those of us into modifying and upgrading our cars. Ranging from $100-$200 they can be pretty costly. So when I came across the Billet Aluminum Weighted Shift Knob by Euro Impulse for $69.99, I had to get my hands on one and see what it’s all about.


Immediately I was impressed with the quality of the shift knob. Very clean machining and the weight was very nice and balanced. The texture around the barrel of the knob provides the perfect amount of friction when gripped and it looks very well done. Again, super clean machining. Not what you’d expect from a sub $100 shift knob.

The logo on the top varied slightly from what was pictured on their website in that the letters and numbers weren’t as wide but it is very cleanly done and easy to read. Euro Impulse offers several designs to choose from. Even some for non S4 model cars.

For the B6/B7 application, the shift knob requires a fitting to be placed under the boot and tightened to the shifter so the knob can screw into place. The adapter is made of steel and I dont think it is considered in the official weight of the shift knob so it could be slightly more than the official 250 grams weight stated on the website.

The width of the top of the knob is a bit over 2 3/4″.

The bottom being just over 1 1/4″.


The height being almost exactly 3″.

When installing the knob, the instructions have you remove the trim around the shifter and push the adapter up through the boot to meet the threads on the bottom of the shifter. The boot is then pressed between the knob and the adapter, which I really like. My previous shifter didn’t quite match up and the boot was just butted up against the bottom of the knob instead of being captured the way this one is. The only problem I ran across during install was that the steel adapter was so tough, it was hard to tighten down the screws without a ratchet. They recommend 1/4 turn at a time, alternating between the two.

Note, the B5 application does not include the adapter as it screws directly onto the shifter.

Driving with the knob made shifting in my car feel much easier and less clunky. I’d imagine even more so with a short throw kit. The knob fits my hand nicely and doesn’t get too hot while driving which is really important with aluminum shift knobs. It sits really low on the shifter compared to the stock knob and looks really nice in the car. The aluminum matches the trim perfectly. Euro Impulse offers coated knobs if raw aluminum doesn’t fit your tastes.

The Weighted Shift Knob by Euro Impulse is clearly a hell of a deal at $69.99 in that the construction quality, look and feel set it on par with shift knobs over twice the price. I will be ordering one for my B5 S4. I’m looking forward to similar quality and price in future products by Euro Impulse.


Trey G


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